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Advantages of zinc roof slates

So what are the advantages of zinc roof slates? Ideal for installation on commercial premises, metal roofing solutions are proving to be a popular choice for companies looking for a strong, durable roof. Zinc roof slates are both functional and stylish, particularly for those looking to have a less industrial exterior. Advantages of zinc roof […]

Advantages of artificial roof slates

So what are the advantages of artificial roof slates? Advances in technology allow us to choose from a variety of different roofing solutions, including artificial slates. Just like natural slate, there are many advantages to choosing artificial slate, whether you opt for the fibre cement slate or concrete tiles manufactured to imitate that of authentic […]


Advantages of natural roof slates

So what are the advantages of natural roof slates? The material that natural roof slates are made from can be split into exceptionally thin layers, making natural slates the most resistant type out of the three options. They can also offer an authentic, traditional aesthetic to your house, particularly if your home is visibly older […]